After long discussions and assessments, our judges have finally selected the finalists. As there was an overwhelming response of bright ideas, we have selected 31 finalists to go to the final round of screening. All the finalists will also be intimated by email shortly with the details of the next round of selection process and timelines. We once again congratulate all the shortlisted candidates and wish you the very best for the final round. We also would like to extend our gratitude and compliments to all the candidates who participated but could not make to the second round. You are now a part of our extended family and there will be opportunities ahead to come together. Keep your innovation ideas coming!

Name Category Phone No.
Sarthak Srivastava Rail-Tech 80****6979
Sagar R Sidhavgol Infra-Tech 90****4235
Puranjeet Pahari Rail-Tech 98****9600
Amandeep Srivastava Agri-Tech 85****1816
Shubham Panwar Infra-Tech 86****3561
Avijit Pramanik Agri-Tech 90****3840
Vivek Samuel Infra-Tech 80****5964
Kunal Breja Agri-Tech 95****7484
Aditya Shukla Rail-Tech 97****3901
Narender Implement Based 90****2164
Node Urban Lab Infra-Tech 87****8385
Sanchay Implement Based 78****6040
Prabhat Singh Badal Implement Based 83****8363
R Oli Bharathi Implement Based 97****5214
Pankaj Kumar Implement Based 87****2000
Mlworkx (Arpit Asthana) Infra-Tech 95****6852
Rahul Pawar Rail-Tech 95****1351
Ashish Bhatnagar Agri-Tech 99****4608
Abhimanyu Vishwakarma Agri-Tech 87****8295
Hitesh Chaudhari Rail-Tech 90****2287
Money Garg Agri-Tech 62****8143
Kartikeya Jain Agri-Tech 88****3208
Abhishek Verma Agri-Tech 78****8538
Nikhil Gehlot Infra-Tech 83****1000
Dharanidharan Implement Based 87****0769
Poras Parashar Agri-Tech 70****5273
Ansh Agrawal Agri-Tech 93****4052
Navdeep Singh Agri/Infra-Tech 98****5708
Aayush Kumar Agri-Tech 75****9278
Pravesh Arya Agri-Tech 80****3153
Mohit Agri-Tech 96****6080

A confirmation sms has been sent to all the finalists. If you see your name here but haven’t received the sms, please write to us at