About RNIL

The Rajan Nanda Innovation Lab (RNIL) aims to develop indigenous engineering solutions for agriculture and infrastructure and create a futuristic eco-system of innovative technologies within Escorts. It aggregates practices of the world and collaborates with leading technology centres, academia, research intelligentsia and innovation labs for path-breaking innovations in agriculture, construction equipment and railways.

Through crowdsourcing, RNIL also reaches out to students, researchers, scholars and related stakeholders for technology innovations and incubation with appropriate funding and support. In collaboration with the Escorts Knowledge Management Center (KMC), it also conceptualises and brings R&D ideas and solutions which can be integrated with the current business stream or existing product lines, after evaluating their feasibility and impact. These solutions could also be an extended business opportunity in the related segments.

At present, RNIL is working to introduce innovative technology solutions in the space of smart implements and interesting value and benefit-oriented tech solutions in soil, water and other agricultural inputs. The focus will also extend to plant mutation, smart water management, cost-efficient weed management, alternate fuel ecosystem, technology solutions to reduce crop wastage and spoilage, improving soil health, and productivity solutions along with the electric transmission, telematics and autonomous technology.

The lab will also look at creating a centre of excellence in farming in collaboration with various, advanced agro-technology players. The solutions will be evaluated to address larger problems to enrich the user experience, reduce input cost and help increase acreage and farming productivity for improved earnings. In extended phases, it will also introduce innovative technology solutions for smart construction equipment and advanced railways technologies.

RNIL is not just an innovation lab but also a belief that Escorts will do whatever it takes to innovate, develop and collaborate to bring in disruptive technologies to empower the dreams of farmers, strengthen smart urban infrastructure, and bring in advanced comfort and safety in rail transport. At RNIL, we are committed to creating an institution of excellence to build the Escorts of the future.